Welcome, and let’s face it.

If you’re here, you probably have more than a passing interest in coffee. Or espresso. Or some caffeinated concoction derived from a bean grown in various intriguing parts of the world, where you are not.

You’re also either living and working in North Dakota, have family here, or are in the military. A little part of you has to revel in that fact, because otherwise putting these two subjects together would never draw you to this blog. Okay, maybe out of some kind of morbid curiosity, like rubber-necking past a car wreck.

Either way, we all know there is a budding espresso culture in the Flickertail State. It’s just that not many people realize it, yet, and sometimes it’s tough to connect the dots enough across hundreds of miles of waving grain or blowing snow to find a way to get your daily fix.

I’m aiming to change that. Yah, yah.

So pull up a chair, hang out on the porch, it’s a gorgeous almost-summer evening and you’re among friends. I love what you love, unabashedly, and I could gab on about either subject to no end. The rest of the world joyously sings the praises of great brew, but can’t hardly find this state on a map. Unless searching for Mt. Rushmore. (Inside joke for NoDakers. Seriously. This happens.) I’m enthusiastic about both subjects, and I more than suspect that you are too.

Otherwise, who in their right mind would google “North Dakota” and “coffee”?

This girl, right here.


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