Big Central Competition! (That would include US… NEXT YEAR, YO!)

Just in case you didn’t realize that Coffee is a Contact Sport.

Via Sprudge (think New York Post for coffee enthusiasts), we have Day One coverage of the Big Central competition for the US Barista Championships and Brewers Cup! Hosted in Minneapolis this year (and oh how jealous I am), the Big Central Region covers the entire central section of the US, from ND to Texas, and Michigan to Louisiana. And that’s a LOT of great coffee places — Intelligentsia (Chicago), MadCap (Grand Rapids), Cuvee (Austin,), Dogwood (St. Paul/Minneapolis, go Josh!), Colectivo (Milwaukee, formerly Alterra), and packing the competition is Kaldi’s with FOUR, count ’em, FOUR shot-pullers (St. Louis).

All inspirational, all quality, all treating coffee like the fun and srs bznss that it is.

If you’re a geek like me, make sure you check out the performance videos — or go all-out and spend your weekend watching the livestream (who needs stoopid football, anyway?).

So where are we? Even South Dakota is in the game this year, with two baristas from Coffea Roasterie in Sioux Falls!


We have some really slam-bang up-and-coming coffee spots percolating around the state. It would be fantabulous if we had a gaggle of baristi at the 2015 competitions! Who’s game?

North Dakota Represent!

(For your viewing pleasure, the previous Big Central winner, Pete Licata. Yes, this is a Real Thing and Pete is awesome! *fangirls*)


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