This is what a Latte Art Throwdown looks like. In Arkansas!

Onyx Coffee Lab in Fayetteville, Arkansas hosted a Throwdown for Baristas in their metro area. What a beautiful space to highlight — and an inviting event. Fun! Fayetteville proper has a population of 76K, their four county metro area is only double Fargo’s region. A Barista Jam or Throwdown is totally doable. 2014, I’m looking […]

There’s a New Playa in Town

By “town,” I mean the state of North Dakota. And by “playa,” I mean a brand-spanking new independent coffee bar in Jamestown, one that could be hipster without even trying. (We don’t know that term around here, yet. So the potential is there but certainly not the negative connotations.) Plantation Coffee Bar opened mid-June, and […]