There’s a New Playa in Town

By “town,” I mean the state of North Dakota. And by “playa,” I mean a brand-spanking new independent coffee bar in Jamestown, one that could be hipster without even trying. (We don’t know that term around here, yet. So the potential is there but certainly not the negative connotations.) Plantation Coffee Bar opened mid-June, and […]

Vegetarian, Healthy and Happy.: How to Treat Your Barista

Keeping with the whole “let’s treat each other as human beings no matter what kind of cruddy day you’re having on either side of the counter” theme lately. Very good! yummyhealthyfit: Now, I don’t know why anyone would mess with the people that control their caffeine. However, having worked in various cafes, restaurants, etcetera, I […]

Little Coffee Cup on the Prairie: 13 signs you’re in a coffee place that doesn’t give a damn

thingsarrogantpeopledo: littlecupontheprairie: (Yes, it’s a riff off of this piece. Because sadly, you’ve all been here.) 1. The lone barista/employee doesn’t look up when you come in. For at least 30 seconds. Even though you’re the only one in the place. And the bell on the entry jingled. They’re too busy closing up for the […]